Villa Orlando

Inspired by the quietness of the location and the closeness to the Bellagio city centre, Marquis Eugenio Besana built Villa Orlando on the shores of Lake Como in 1891. In 1920 Italian tycoon Luigi Orlando acquired the property as his private residence. Four generations over the last hundred years have all been acuminated by the passion for culture and style: a unique botanical garden and many sophisticated collectibles have transformed the Villa into a phenomenal holiday retreat cum living museum.
Developed over three floors, the interiors are characterised by typical Italian 19th and 20th Century furniture and paintings together with many objects from all over the world. Modern levels of comfort have arisen from today's refurbishings which will be completed in Spring 2016. Its impressive position on Lake Como offers a panoramic shoreline walk of more than 300 metres. The 7 hectare gardens climb along the mountain and provide breathtaking views.
Sleeping quarters count 10 bedroom suites as well as a detached guesthouse intended for up to 6 members of staff.

  • Bellagio, Italy
  • 21 guests
  • March to October
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